Saturday, June 27, 2009

Karaoke Session .....great weekend!!!

Gosh....7am in the morning!! I sleep from 7pm (12hours)....hehehe. I guess maybe I am too tired and I suppose to go out at 10pm last night but suddenly my friend SMS me and said cancel.........

Firstly, I thought to have a short nap but I have no idea why I fall asleep. Anyway, I do enjoy sleeping and my sweet dream. Hahaha.

This morning me and some of my friend go for Karaoke again.......I do enjoy myself even I am not good in singing. Sometimes, I just like this kind of outing as when we get out more we will have more interaction. This really help us to understand each other better.

After the karaoke, we do go temple and pray. Honestly, it have been a few months I never go to temple as I am not a really strong in religion........but in my heart "GOD" is alwalys there to guide me.

When writing this blogs I am watching the 29th Golden Melody Awards.......100种生活 - Crowd Lu ( Best newcomer & Best Arrangement ).

P/S: Hmmm - feel tired now and really hope to have a good hot chocolate drinks !!!


  1. Kalau dah letih itu, pegi lar tidor.
    apasal duk tengok astro & update blog lagi...
    pi lar tidor awal sikit.

  2. I get my hot chocolate in my dreams.....haha.