Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Love Letter"

I am thinking of blogging in "Love Letter" .......don't know why maybe because last night I recall some of the sweet memories.

Do you receive a "Love Letter" before ? Do you write a "Love Letter before ?

Hahaha - I receive a "Love Letter" before during my uni life......And I keep all those letter nicely in a file. I like to keep letter and cards. Honestly, I have no contact on the person who wrote those letter to me already but when reading back ....It is really sweet!!!!

Nowadays, I believe people prefer to send e-mail or e-card rather then mailing a card to your house address but I still enjoy the old fashion mailing ways. The feeling of waiting for the postman is kinda fun as sometimes we will full of dissapointment when there is no letter.

I really think I am really sentimental person. Besides that, I still keep the first roses I received from my friend during form 4. The feeling on receive flower is great especially when you not expected to receive.

Actually I just wonder ....where are them now? I really thank them for giving me all those sweet memory especially on the "Love Letter". This will be my personal collection as the ways of writing is really childish and funny.


  1. cool! love letter huh?? i've nvr gotten any of them before also.. T.T
    hehehe~~seeing anyone lately??

  2. i wrote and received love letters, but those were years ago...some thrown away and some burnt cause people and the environment changed