Monday, June 15, 2009

Medical Check-Up


My alarm is ringing and I still feel really lazy to wake up!! Hmmm - really monday blues and I am late to work today. I really feel exhausted today with all the pending issue in my daily working task. Besides that, I need to plan for an appreciation lunch with limited budget. I really feel it is hard to fullfill everyone need to get a good food, location and time as we are in shift work. Anyway, I think I will try to narrow down the option and select the best after I consider on the package and hope all can be finalize by this week. Hehehe.

When I am on my way back, I stop by BSN to buy PTPTN pin no for application purpose. I hope I can get the loan as this really can ease my burden to pursue my study. After that, I go to USM Health Centre to do a medical check-up. Honestly, it take me more than 3 hours to complete a very simple medical check-up.

I not really angry today as I think the medical staff is nice. I like their services just I have no idea why the doctor take so long to examine patient. Hehehe - the staff is nice and I not sure because I can speak Malay well or I look "cute".

From 2.30pm - 5.00pm I at the health centre. Actually, I should be really angry as my time is wasted like that......I imagine if this happen last 2 years I beg I am leaving the medical centre and will go nd check-up at other clinic. Hahahaha........

After that, I go to near-by photo shop to snap the passport photo as I have no idea where I put my previous photo. Honestly, I am extremly exhausted and will sleep soon.

Night and honestly this is the first time I sleep at 9pm.......Start blur already!


  1. Hi Najwa, thanks for visitng and have a nice day :)

  2. sabar itu separuh dari iman.