Sunday, June 21, 2009

Normal Life.....

After few months of working night shift and now "ANGEL" is back for morning shift. Honestly, I still need time to adapt the jet-leg ( Hahaha - this is the only term I think off ). Life is getting busy due to more workload. Anyway, we have no choice as this is the real working environment.

This morning, I just manage to finish a report......and tomorrow was Monday and more report need to be submit. Sienz......Ok - work is work and now let me tell you what I do on last few days.

Since I am back to morning shift, I watched movie on Wednesday. GSC, I am back as I use to watch movie on every wednesday or sometimes on the weekend. I love to work on morning shift as I can catch a movie on evening with my friends. Besides that, Thursday night I went to Redbox. I just manage to get back home at 11.30pm but I do enjoy the time with my new friends.

Hmmmm .....meeting nice people is fanstactic. Really thanks to Benson for organise such a nice activities. Even we are different department but thanks for alwalys remember to invite me...not forgetting Grace and Alex.....THANK YOU!!!

Last time, I alwalys go to karaoke with my friends ( ex-colleague ) and I seldom sings. I don't know why....maybe just feel that my voice is not nice compare to them....and I will be choose to enjoy the environment instead of singing. Hahaha - but this time I really sing and feel enjoy as well. Maybe I have craving for karaoke session for few months.

Oh ya, I have started back my daily routine such as jog on the evening. I have left this daily routine for such a long time and currently hope I can get back to shape as soon as possible. I still have few weeks to enjoy before I will start my study life............

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