Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding dinner + Appreciation Lunch

Yesterday I went for wedding dinner at Sunway Hotel. Honestly, I really feel happy each time attending wedding dinner. This is because my friend have successful find the other half of their life to walk together........

As usual I only manage to back home at 11.15pm and I hardly fall asleep.This is because the weather is too hot and I really cannot sleep well even I take shower before sleep. Haiz.......Since I am really tired today so I manage to sleep at the office. Hahaha - Monday Blues.

Then around 12pm we go off from office as we have appreciation lunch at the India D'Palace. The lunch start at 1.30pm but we just go off early to Queenbay as we plan to play games at Arked. I enjoy myself by playing some of the games. I think next time should go more often as this is the good place to release tension and build-up the relationship among colleague.

After the lunch, we just walk around the QB. I only manage to reach home at 4.15pm and later I take a nap. I do feel tired but I enjoy myself for this kind of activities.

P/S: Transformer is coming soon.....wakakaka...

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