Monday, July 27, 2009

Price-cut at Tesco

Yesterday, I went to Tesco for groceries shopping. Honestly, there is lots of price-cut item and when I really take a look on the price the price cut just only 1 sen (some item )…… I really not sure how many of us aware this. (Please go to TESCO penang and take a look on the price-cut for Sardine Ayam Brand)

Majority of the consumer will just grab the price-cut item without carefully look into the price tag. Tesco is not cheating us just the marketing strategy can mislead consumer. Consumer must alwalys be careful when spending.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Actually I not sure what is happen to me ......... I just feel tired and hopeless. I am HOME-SICK and really looking forward going back to Kuantan on this coming semester break. I think I really need to hibernate ......stay away for work and study.

Sometimes, I believe we will loss focus on what we are doing. I not sure any of you experience this kind of moment? I am feeling that I need to find back my "fighter spirit". I alwalys keep telling myself that I need to be "Focus".

I think I will plan for a short vacation soon ........hmmmm - who will be interested on joining me ???? but I need to tell you that this will be a boring vacation as I just want to be away.

Aside from that, let me update you all on my study. The mid-term exam will coming soon and more more assignment and study-case need to be submit. As usual, nothing is easy and what I can said we need sacrifice lots of personal time. Once we have decide we must need to go matter how hard it will cost. I really feel the tense as sometimes I have no idea what is happen in the class. I really pay attention but I can't cope with the lecture.......maybe I just too dumb ( hahahaha ).

Work is still the same ...... nothing special just workload increase a bit. Finally, this week I have submitted the chart and I hope it will not get rejected again as we have been working for it about 3 weeks.

I just finished the book "He just not into you"........this is really an interesting book. I means the analyze is correct.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have been really busy to update the blogs recently…… excuse from me is hectic workload and study life with lots of assignment, study case, presentation, revision and blah blah blah…….

Even with tight schedule, I still hope I can manage to steal sometimes to relax myself. Honestly, sometimes chatting really can release our tension over the bad day of working…….Yesterday, after class I still manage to have a coffee with my “Big Sister” at the APEX café. We do update each other on the recent news as we seldom see each other even we work in this small Island.

Oh ya….yesterday I go to watch movie “OBSESSED” alone. Actually, watching the movie alone is not bad at all and I seem enjoying the show as well …… but if there is a company certainly is better (Hahahaha). This movie is about Derek , a married guy was seduced badly by the hot and attractive temp worker. Actually, I am thinking is that any “cat never eat fish???” since the fish look so tempting and hot. I am thinking if I am “DEREK” can I control myself since Lisa is so damn attractive!!!!!

Even my schedule look tight but I am reading a book “ I am not into you”…….this book is recommended by my sister and it talk about guy…..I just finish Chap 2 but this really a good book to let us understand guy even I not sure how accurate the author analysis each of their character.

Hmmmm – Not sure when will be the next updated from me…..Next week I will watching the “Harry Porter” movie.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shock !!!!!

Today, I have attended my first class at USM......Honestly, the environment is similiar as UUM. What is different is the assignment and homework for the courses.

Now, I totally understand on the workload.......assignment, research project, quiz, study case.........etc. This is really scary and I am worry as I need to juggle between work and study. I really agree that we need to sacrife lots of personal time.

I just take 2 papers for this semester but I can feel the pressure..........

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Let's go for bowling today........I use my UUM student card to get a student rate for the games. Anyway, I do enjoy the game even I not playing well as others.

Bowling lanes in Bukit Jambul Complex

(2) The bowling shoe

(3) Angel look tired but still can bowl.

(4) Our score for first game is 4++ ( I forget the actual point)

Y= Yoges

J= Jestine

P = Prime ( Angel)

F= Fikrie

B = Bumble Bee

(5) Score for 2nd game. We have change our name...haha

D = Devil

R= Ray

A= Angel

M= Megatron

B+ Blumble Bee

I think we need more practice to get better marks.....especially me and Bee!!!

Perodua Service Centre Jalan Sg Pinang

I have given an appointment on September,2009 for rear seat belt fitting but last Friday I received a call from the customer service that my appointment have bring forward to 29 June,2009.

Actually, this is my first to visit the service centre. Overall, the services is nice but i believe it will be great if Perodua can have an wifi at their centre as I really feel bored while waiting for about an hour ......

P/S: You can eat the ice-cream. bread, coffee for FOC.....Hahaha.