Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Let's go for bowling today........I use my UUM student card to get a student rate for the games. Anyway, I do enjoy the game even I not playing well as others.

Bowling lanes in Bukit Jambul Complex

(2) The bowling shoe

(3) Angel look tired but still can bowl.

(4) Our score for first game is 4++ ( I forget the actual point)

Y= Yoges

J= Jestine

P = Prime ( Angel)

F= Fikrie

B = Bumble Bee

(5) Score for 2nd game. We have change our name...haha

D = Devil

R= Ray

A= Angel

M= Megatron

B+ Blumble Bee

I think we need more practice to get better marks.....especially me and Bee!!!

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