Friday, July 24, 2009


Actually I not sure what is happen to me ......... I just feel tired and hopeless. I am HOME-SICK and really looking forward going back to Kuantan on this coming semester break. I think I really need to hibernate ......stay away for work and study.

Sometimes, I believe we will loss focus on what we are doing. I not sure any of you experience this kind of moment? I am feeling that I need to find back my "fighter spirit". I alwalys keep telling myself that I need to be "Focus".

I think I will plan for a short vacation soon ........hmmmm - who will be interested on joining me ???? but I need to tell you that this will be a boring vacation as I just want to be away.

Aside from that, let me update you all on my study. The mid-term exam will coming soon and more more assignment and study-case need to be submit. As usual, nothing is easy and what I can said we need sacrifice lots of personal time. Once we have decide we must need to go matter how hard it will cost. I really feel the tense as sometimes I have no idea what is happen in the class. I really pay attention but I can't cope with the lecture.......maybe I just too dumb ( hahahaha ).

Work is still the same ...... nothing special just workload increase a bit. Finally, this week I have submitted the chart and I hope it will not get rejected again as we have been working for it about 3 weeks.

I just finished the book "He just not into you"........this is really an interesting book. I means the analyze is correct.

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