Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Perodua Service Centre Jalan Sg Pinang

I have given an appointment on September,2009 for rear seat belt fitting but last Friday I received a call from the customer service that my appointment have bring forward to 29 June,2009.

Actually, this is my first to visit the service centre. Overall, the services is nice but i believe it will be great if Perodua can have an wifi at their centre as I really feel bored while waiting for about an hour ......

P/S: You can eat the ice-cream. bread, coffee for FOC.....Hahaha.


  1. itu ice cream apa brand? Magnolia kah~~
    Gua mau CoffeeBean kopi ada tarak?

  2. Js coffee...but have toaster and bread as well. The ice-cream just 1 type and not that nice....hahaha.

  3. Hi Rickypointing,

    Thanks for visiting.......

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