Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have been really busy to update the blogs recently…… excuse from me is hectic workload and study life with lots of assignment, study case, presentation, revision and blah blah blah…….

Even with tight schedule, I still hope I can manage to steal sometimes to relax myself. Honestly, sometimes chatting really can release our tension over the bad day of working…….Yesterday, after class I still manage to have a coffee with my “Big Sister” at the APEX café. We do update each other on the recent news as we seldom see each other even we work in this small Island.

Oh ya….yesterday I go to watch movie “OBSESSED” alone. Actually, watching the movie alone is not bad at all and I seem enjoying the show as well …… but if there is a company certainly is better (Hahahaha). This movie is about Derek , a married guy was seduced badly by the hot and attractive temp worker. Actually, I am thinking is that any “cat never eat fish???” since the fish look so tempting and hot. I am thinking if I am “DEREK” can I control myself since Lisa is so damn attractive!!!!!

Even my schedule look tight but I am reading a book “ I am not into you”…….this book is recommended by my sister and it talk about guy…..I just finish Chap 2 but this really a good book to let us understand guy even I not sure how accurate the author analysis each of their character.

Hmmmm – Not sure when will be the next updated from me…..Next week I will watching the “Harry Porter” movie.


  1. Hey girl,

    U reading that he's just not that into you book, how do u find it. Kinda interested to get it. Please comment whether it's recommended anot?


    Cheau Theng

  2. Personally, this book is recommend to read.....I means this book just tell how special is girls and if we still not yet get another half is because the time have not come. Besides that, this book also tell us not simply give excuse to us as "He just not into you" as if someone is interested in you he will make the move. Hahaha...