Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bad Luck!!!!

Shit….. My hair-dryer seem not working. Haiz – I really have no idea what happen to me as look like all my stuff start to give me problem. Early this month, my Kancil send for repair due to radiator problem then last week my car tyre punctuate and just now my hair-dryer. I not sure tomorrow what will happen.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleepless @ Insomnia

Again......I cannot sleep well yesterday night. Honestly, I really find it is hard to wake up early in the morning and feel tired maybe today is Monday. I really forget what is the actual time I fall asleep yesterday but I think I manage to get 2 hours nap before I report to work.

Anyway, yesterday I do have a short chat with Dr Yong on the H1N1 since it have been long time we never catch up with each other. I guess we manage to have a short chat because he is on stand-by mode yesterday night and me insominia. Actually I plan to get some medical advice from him but ended-up just talk nonsense.......Hahaha.

Friday night, I manage to go OXO Cafelab to have a drink with my friend. Honestly I feel the environment and the band is good but there is lots review on the food serve at OXO is terrible. Since that the case, we have our dinner earlier before have a drink at OXO cafelab.

I also trying to read and do some revision on the weeekend but I just can't concentrate. Exam just around the corner and I feel really worry.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cheer up......girl!!!!

Recently I just update a very short blog maybe due to laziness. Honestly, I am thinking is that my time management have problem as I just have chat with my colleague. She said one of her friend also study MBA in USM but have class on weekend and can usually go off at 9pm……..and I just wonder what class is that? If I am not mistaken all the USM master class is 3 hours classes except the language class. Besides that, she also thinks the workload is acceptable as her friend still able to go and enjoy during the weekend. Hmmm – actually this statement make me wonder is that my time management skills have problem??

Aside from this, last week I have attended a seminar on the “Sustain, develop and manage an Organization” by Tengku Mahaleel. Personally, I think his talk is really inspirable and I do agree with the point that “MAN” is the key factor on any organization. I also impress which how SHELL develop their man-power and how much money have budgeted for the training and development purpose.

Yesterday blog is regarding on the bus ticket …….. I know there are still many solutions for me to get back home but the matter just the cost and time. After consider all the factors, I decide just stay at Penang and perhaps just have a good rest which I means out of books and works.

Cheer up…..girl!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


No "BUS TICKET' ........Hmmmm - i really dissapointed when I can't get any ticket back home because of the school holiday. Maybe because of the very last minute decision but I have no choice before I get the confimation by yesterday class that we will have a semester break next week.

Honestly, I really have no mood..........Why firefly stop the route from Penang to Kuantan??? Haiz..

Monday, August 3, 2009


Help …..Help …..Help!! I am in the middle of the sea and nearly drown. This is what I am feeling right now……

I am really tired and feel extremely lazy. I am trying very hard to push myself to study and work. Honestly, I have lots of pending work which I still not yet start to finish it because I just feel lazy. I really hope I can make sure my task in complete in flying colour.

Besides that, study life is really terrible and now I just admire those people who can manage well in their working and study especially those with family. Last weekend, I went to library and try to concentrate on study and revision but I just feel useless as nothing much I can recall.

I really hope I can find my “motivation” back as soon as possible. I want to get back on shape and move forward. Honestly, I really hate myself for blaming and keep mumbling on the study and working stuff each day.