Monday, August 17, 2009

Cheer up......girl!!!!

Recently I just update a very short blog maybe due to laziness. Honestly, I am thinking is that my time management have problem as I just have chat with my colleague. She said one of her friend also study MBA in USM but have class on weekend and can usually go off at 9pm……..and I just wonder what class is that? If I am not mistaken all the USM master class is 3 hours classes except the language class. Besides that, she also thinks the workload is acceptable as her friend still able to go and enjoy during the weekend. Hmmm – actually this statement make me wonder is that my time management skills have problem??

Aside from this, last week I have attended a seminar on the “Sustain, develop and manage an Organization” by Tengku Mahaleel. Personally, I think his talk is really inspirable and I do agree with the point that “MAN” is the key factor on any organization. I also impress which how SHELL develop their man-power and how much money have budgeted for the training and development purpose.

Yesterday blog is regarding on the bus ticket …….. I know there are still many solutions for me to get back home but the matter just the cost and time. After consider all the factors, I decide just stay at Penang and perhaps just have a good rest which I means out of books and works.

Cheer up…..girl!!!!

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