Monday, August 3, 2009


Help …..Help …..Help!! I am in the middle of the sea and nearly drown. This is what I am feeling right now……

I am really tired and feel extremely lazy. I am trying very hard to push myself to study and work. Honestly, I have lots of pending work which I still not yet start to finish it because I just feel lazy. I really hope I can make sure my task in complete in flying colour.

Besides that, study life is really terrible and now I just admire those people who can manage well in their working and study especially those with family. Last weekend, I went to library and try to concentrate on study and revision but I just feel useless as nothing much I can recall.

I really hope I can find my “motivation” back as soon as possible. I want to get back on shape and move forward. Honestly, I really hate myself for blaming and keep mumbling on the study and working stuff each day.


  1. There are times when you need to toughen yourself to face the music as avoiding reality can't help the cause.
    A friend in need is a friend indeed. Talk to someone who you're comfortable with; pouring out helps especially when you are at low morale.

  2. Friend can motivate you. But, "motivation" is you should give yourself.
    Cheer up!! This is the only road block for you.
    I am sure you can overcome all the obstacles!

  3. I know but sometimes just hard to focus.....Hmmm - I hope can get back to the shape as soon as possible.