Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleepless @ Insomnia

Again......I cannot sleep well yesterday night. Honestly, I really find it is hard to wake up early in the morning and feel tired maybe today is Monday. I really forget what is the actual time I fall asleep yesterday but I think I manage to get 2 hours nap before I report to work.

Anyway, yesterday I do have a short chat with Dr Yong on the H1N1 since it have been long time we never catch up with each other. I guess we manage to have a short chat because he is on stand-by mode yesterday night and me insominia. Actually I plan to get some medical advice from him but ended-up just talk nonsense.......Hahaha.

Friday night, I manage to go OXO Cafelab to have a drink with my friend. Honestly I feel the environment and the band is good but there is lots review on the food serve at OXO is terrible. Since that the case, we have our dinner earlier before have a drink at OXO cafelab.

I also trying to read and do some revision on the weeekend but I just can't concentrate. Exam just around the corner and I feel really worry.

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