Sunday, September 27, 2009

Butter cake...

Last thursday, I went to Tesco Extra to get some ingredient but unfortunately I forget to bring back home and it have been leave in my friend car. Hmmm, then I go to Giant the next days to get some of the baking ingredient to surprise her.

When I busy shopping at Giant, suddenly there is a stranger stop me.....He try to get my mobile phone and chatting with me.He gave me a photostat name card and honestly on that moment I feel scared. I do simpy gave him a number and try to walk away from him.

This is the photostat information I get from him....... He is asking a lots of question then saying that he wish to keep in touch. Luckily, I meet my colleague in Giant and I call him. Later the stranger just go away after he find out that I am not alone.

Please be careful if you are walking alone and don't try to be friendly........Anyway, I manage to go back safely and bake a cake for my beloved senior.

Is the cake look nice???? Actually it is tasty as well.....Hahaha.

Angel received belated birthday present.....

Hahaha, yesterday I received a "Belated " Birthday present and Card........Never too late to wish me!!! Honestly, it is fun to receive present when it is no a special day at all.

I really like the present a lots and thanks you very much........

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Moment you are in Tension

The Moment you are in Tension

You will lose your Attention

Then you are in total Confusion

And you will feel Irritation

Then you will spoil personal Relation

Ultimately, you won't get Co - Operation

Then you will make Complication

Then your blood pressure may raise Caution

And you may have to take Medication

Instead, understand the Situation

And try to think about the Solution

Many problems will be solved by Discussion

This will work out better in your Profession

Don't think it's my free Suggestion

It's only for your Prevention

If you understand my Intention

You will never come again to Tension

- Bill Gates

P/S: I grab from my friend post in facebook......

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday I did not sleep well due to I dream a lots of stuff. I dream about my working, study and some funny things which really keep me awake. This morning I not really can wake-up and feel terribly tired.

First dream, I dream of my colleague get converted to permanent and since that he need to report work early every evening. Besides that, he also needs to handle lots of work and assignment without OT as currently our department not enough personnel to support US side.

Second dream, I have no idea when I keep a bird as a pet. A veterinarian called me and asks me to bring my pet (bird) to do an x-ray. I still can recall that, the vet said I have miss few times appointment.

Third dream is I dream of examination. I guess I am too worry or tired due to last few days just working on my assignment. Hahaha.

I wake up today and now I feel extremely tired due to my brain is not really rest well yesterday night.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Actually, it have been a long time I never join hiking because of lazy and cannot really get hiking gang. Last few week, I and my friend have try to hike Bukit Jambul and I stop several times. I really feel tired and I guess this is the lack if practice.

Anyway, yesterday I managed to hike Pantai Kerachut. I think the distance is far than Bukit Jambul but this is better as not that tough compare to BJ Hills. I think it has been about a years I never hike there as the last time we hiked to Pantai Kerachut is my last activities with my previous company colleague.

Below is some of the photo I snap using my camera phone.....

SOON is leading the way

SOON and US visitor

Pantai Kerachut

Baby Gift to NUR DANISHA ......

Here is the baby gift to NUR DANISHA from our department. The baby is really cute and below is her photo.......I get the permisson from her dad to post her photo in my blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time can heal the pain

Actually, I have few friends which just broke-up with their girl-friends. Honestly, I do feel sad for them but I believe they will be ok soon. As friends, what I can do is just lend them my ears to get them expresses their feeling and emotional. Really sorry for not able be there to accompany you all.

Time can heal the pain so just be patient and focus on your job as life is full with enjoyment. I really understand when you tell me that you can’t sleep well but nothing much I can do. I also understand when you brain cannot synchronize with your heart which means you keep telling yourself not think about her but the memory is just back like that. So, just take it easy and make yourself busy.

Aside from my guy friends, I do receive a call from my girl- friend as well. I do have a shock when she informs me that she is heart-broken but I really feel sorry as not able to accompany her on that day due to I need to prepare myself for the mid-term exam.

Anyway, I manage to lend mine hears for her to express. We do have a nice chat on the relationship even I not really have much experience. Anyway, maybe Angel will be the place people to get opinion or express the feeling then I do hear lots of the love story since last time.

Is that all guys will only go for a beautiful people?? Honestly, I do think 2 people get together is because of the feeling and personally inner beauty is important. Anyway, sometimes I do agree that guy will intends pay extra attention on pretty gals.

I end this post with “A confident girl will look pretty “ so just cheer-up and be confident…..


It have been really long time I never been to gym…..Yesterday, I managed to go for my company gym after working nearly 1 year here. Actually, I like to go gym as there is a place where I can relax and release tension besides can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hmmm – yesterday I managed to exercise for about 1 and half hour and I really feel satisfies. So, I must make a target for myself to visit the gym at least twice a week !!

P/S: Can I have nice body as in the photo???

Monday, September 14, 2009

Penang Trip

Since my best friend from Sarawak come and visit me during the National Day so we have come up with a day trip in Penang. Besides that, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the great day …….even I do feel tired at the end of the days but I am looking forward to meet you again in Penang, Kuantan or Sarawak soon!!!! I also feel sorry to Debie as I not really have much time to accompany her.

We start the trip around 11.30am – 10.00pm. Raju is come over to Penang and become our driver of the day. Thanks RAJU’s for the help as I am lazy to drive plus I am not good in driving skills. Hahaha…….I do enjoy the moment when we sharing our memories and make some silly jokes.

We go to Kek Lok Si in the morning then we plan to stop by Bukit Bendera. Anyway, we just drop the visit Bukit Bendera due to time-constraint as there is no train available. ( the next train is need to wait for 1 and half hours ). Then we just go to Gurney Plaza and do have tea-time at the Gurney Drive. Later we went to Batu Ferringhi to get some DVD’s.

Debie & Angel

Angel is playing around like small kids I look funny?

Debie & Angel

Raju & Angel
I really miss Teluk Chempedak ......while I am walking at Batu Feringhi

Tired + Angry face ( Debie & Raju is making fun of me )
P/S: I just have time to upload the photo and the trip today as just finish the mid-term exam!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mid-Term exam

I just have my mid-term exam last Sunday and honestly I really feel disappointed with myself!!! The question is easy but I still cannot answer…….What excuses should I give myself? I guess the only excuses are that I never pay attention during class or I am nervous after so long never take exam……

Actually I do feel worry and nervous on the exam day…….haiz!! I still feel moody today and tired even I know I need to work harder for the next paper which is on this Saturday. I do not aim for scoring “A” as I know I am NOT a SMART student since last time but I just hope to get an average marks.

P/S: I hate this kind of feeling of guilty for myself