Sunday, September 27, 2009

Butter cake...

Last thursday, I went to Tesco Extra to get some ingredient but unfortunately I forget to bring back home and it have been leave in my friend car. Hmmm, then I go to Giant the next days to get some of the baking ingredient to surprise her.

When I busy shopping at Giant, suddenly there is a stranger stop me.....He try to get my mobile phone and chatting with me.He gave me a photostat name card and honestly on that moment I feel scared. I do simpy gave him a number and try to walk away from him.

This is the photostat information I get from him....... He is asking a lots of question then saying that he wish to keep in touch. Luckily, I meet my colleague in Giant and I call him. Later the stranger just go away after he find out that I am not alone.

Please be careful if you are walking alone and don't try to be friendly........Anyway, I manage to go back safely and bake a cake for my beloved senior.

Is the cake look nice???? Actually it is tasty as well.....Hahaha.


  1. the butter cake really taste good

    from Willam

  2. Nice.. Nice.. Eh, u r so gonna bake me one when I go over this December ya~! Thanks in advance

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Sure will bake for you.....Just inform me in advance.....

  4. Don't worry..... U will get your portion soon!!