Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday I did not sleep well due to I dream a lots of stuff. I dream about my working, study and some funny things which really keep me awake. This morning I not really can wake-up and feel terribly tired.

First dream, I dream of my colleague get converted to permanent and since that he need to report work early every evening. Besides that, he also needs to handle lots of work and assignment without OT as currently our department not enough personnel to support US side.

Second dream, I have no idea when I keep a bird as a pet. A veterinarian called me and asks me to bring my pet (bird) to do an x-ray. I still can recall that, the vet said I have miss few times appointment.

Third dream is I dream of examination. I guess I am too worry or tired due to last few days just working on my assignment. Hahaha.

I wake up today and now I feel extremely tired due to my brain is not really rest well yesterday night.


  1. got any 4D number for me?

  2. No number time if I dream of any number will inform you....hahaha!!!