Monday, September 7, 2009

Mid-Term exam

I just have my mid-term exam last Sunday and honestly I really feel disappointed with myself!!! The question is easy but I still cannot answer…….What excuses should I give myself? I guess the only excuses are that I never pay attention during class or I am nervous after so long never take exam……

Actually I do feel worry and nervous on the exam day…….haiz!! I still feel moody today and tired even I know I need to work harder for the next paper which is on this Saturday. I do not aim for scoring “A” as I know I am NOT a SMART student since last time but I just hope to get an average marks.

P/S: I hate this kind of feeling of guilty for myself


  1. warming up to the tests?
    not to worry, only mid term, still can recover during final exams :0
    don't loose confidence in yourself.
    We all have faith and trust in you.

  2. Don't sad or dissapointed, Try your best on next exam lo. :D

  3. yeah yeah..agree with above..forget about the pass paper..prepare for the future big one...head up!!