Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time can heal the pain

Actually, I have few friends which just broke-up with their girl-friends. Honestly, I do feel sad for them but I believe they will be ok soon. As friends, what I can do is just lend them my ears to get them expresses their feeling and emotional. Really sorry for not able be there to accompany you all.

Time can heal the pain so just be patient and focus on your job as life is full with enjoyment. I really understand when you tell me that you can’t sleep well but nothing much I can do. I also understand when you brain cannot synchronize with your heart which means you keep telling yourself not think about her but the memory is just back like that. So, just take it easy and make yourself busy.

Aside from my guy friends, I do receive a call from my girl- friend as well. I do have a shock when she informs me that she is heart-broken but I really feel sorry as not able to accompany her on that day due to I need to prepare myself for the mid-term exam.

Anyway, I manage to lend mine hears for her to express. We do have a nice chat on the relationship even I not really have much experience. Anyway, maybe Angel will be the place people to get opinion or express the feeling then I do hear lots of the love story since last time.

Is that all guys will only go for a beautiful people?? Honestly, I do think 2 people get together is because of the feeling and personally inner beauty is important. Anyway, sometimes I do agree that guy will intends pay extra attention on pretty gals.

I end this post with “A confident girl will look pretty “ so just cheer-up and be confident…..


  1. "Anyway, sometimes I do agree that guy will intends pay extra attention on pretty gals."

    Then do you agree that gals prefer to look and pay more attention on leng chais than "chaw chais" (ugly guys).

  2. hmmm beuty is things to be appreciated since its the gift from the God.. thus paying attn n looking at the good feature people is sometimes unavoidable. that's for short term attraction..or physical semata-mata.. For long term.. The inner counts more!! But most people tend to not realize that and keep making mistake over n over..right YN? heheheh big gurl dun cryy..hehehe

  3. I am not crying....where you get this statement dear??? How suppose to answer if people ask me that she just think that she is average but why no people interested on her?