Monday, November 30, 2009

Hatyai Trip

Yes, holiday + festive it is time for shopping !!! The initial plan to Hatyai is 5 people but suddenly plan change to 3 people. Hehehe - anyway, we still enjoy our shopping there........

We depart at about 9.30am from Penang and we got stuck at Kastam for few hours.......Hmmm - really lots of people going to hatyai since Friday is a public holiday. We queue up for about 45 min ( I guess) and we do chat with some of the Singapore Tourist.

Sometimes I just wonders, why people cannot queue up nicely. There are lots of people just cut in the line and for me this is really unfair. Why they just can't wait for their turn patiently????

We just go shopping and shopping and shopping only. The first day, we already feel really tired as we walk around the hatyai town area. We only manage to do massage on 2nd day. I never go for body massage as I scared of tickle.

The last stop of the trip is to Tesco. I really buy lots of junk food and of course instant noodle. Sorry for less picture for this round trip as I am too busy shopping. Here is our trolly at Tesco......hehehe!

New Moon.....

New Moon - I had watched this movie on last Thursday and I really feel dissapointed. Personally, I feel nothing is interesting in New Moon compare to Twilight. I just wonder why there cannot stick with Twilight Director?? 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sleep and heart attack!!!

Last week, I just keep receiving the e-mail on Ranjan Das (CEO of SAP ) die at the age of 42 years old. He is really young and good looking too.The real reason on his dead is because of lack of sleep!!!

Hmmm - I am thinking is this true?  I sleep less than 7 hours per day and sometimes my sleeping hour is not consistent as well. Is that I will be have the possibility to get sudden heart attack and die.

Actually, there is lots of people in this world I believe sleep less than 7 hours a days but there still alive!!!How true is this statement?

I think everyone of us must learn to manage stress and enjoy life. Life is too short to be wasted and remember to life to the fullest.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nadia Bayu Wedding

Since I am in Kuantan, I manage to attend one to my Secondary friend wedding. Congratulation!!!!

Honestly, I do meet-up with some of my old malay friends.

"To do List"

There will be about 1 month break before new semester starting on 28/12/2009. Hmmm - below is the "To do List" which I plan for this break........

  • Attend friends and relative wedding dinner
  • Family trip ( 1 week )
  • Clean my room ( Currently look like rubbish dump area )
  • Filing my assignment, work, note etc......
  • Watch TV especially TVB series
  • Do facial - seem like more wrinkle......
  • Year end shopping ( $$$$ - need to spend wisely)
  • Blogging, Facebook and learning other technology stuff
  • Reading
  • Plan to do some D.I.Y stuff
  • Snap/ Edit photoetc
  • Diet
  • Catch up with friends
  • ..........
  • ...........
This is what I can think for now.....anyway I will be the back-up for the public holiday!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am BACK!!!

It has been a few week I stop blogging due to my tight schedule. Anyway, I will blog more once I have time. Currently I am trying to clear all mail and task which have been pending quite sometimes. Hahaha - exam week is stress!!! I hate exam.....

3 weeks - I limit myself in blogging,facebooking,MSN, Skype, handphone and TV........Hahaha. For your information, this week I still will try to limit myself on this gadget as I need to complete all my pending stuff and start clean my room.

Besides that, I really need to apologise to my friends for all the slow response in reply message or call back as I usually I will off /silent mode my handphone......Hehehe.

P/S: More posting soon.......