Monday, November 30, 2009

Hatyai Trip

Yes, holiday + festive it is time for shopping !!! The initial plan to Hatyai is 5 people but suddenly plan change to 3 people. Hehehe - anyway, we still enjoy our shopping there........

We depart at about 9.30am from Penang and we got stuck at Kastam for few hours.......Hmmm - really lots of people going to hatyai since Friday is a public holiday. We queue up for about 45 min ( I guess) and we do chat with some of the Singapore Tourist.

Sometimes I just wonders, why people cannot queue up nicely. There are lots of people just cut in the line and for me this is really unfair. Why they just can't wait for their turn patiently????

We just go shopping and shopping and shopping only. The first day, we already feel really tired as we walk around the hatyai town area. We only manage to do massage on 2nd day. I never go for body massage as I scared of tickle.

The last stop of the trip is to Tesco. I really buy lots of junk food and of course instant noodle. Sorry for less picture for this round trip as I am too busy shopping. Here is our trolly at Tesco......hehehe!

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  1. glad that u took ur tiem off from the work.. enjoy and clolor your life as wel!!