Sunday, December 27, 2009

Breakfast + Sing K + Jeysen & Vicky Wedding Dinner

I wake-up around 7 am and start to make noise to disturb others........WAKE UP!!!! Then we will go and get our breakfast "DIM SUM" at Pekaka. Just take a simple breakfast then we are going to Gurney for Karaoke Session.

Yesterday night I have inform Connie to book Redbox for 7 person include her husband. Hahaha - honestly it have been really really long I never go for the Karaok session. It is really enjoy when we can gathering together as all of us working in different field and location such as Brunei, Pahang, Penang, Johor and Arab/Iran (Forget already).

We enjoy the singing very much and there is some of our friends go shopping at Gurney. We do singing, dancing and make some stupid drama + jokes as well. Hehehe. Oh yes......we had our lunch at Redbox and the food is terrible.......anyway, we not really mind as our main purpose is singing.

( The only Guy in the Karaoke - Connie Husband )

The karaoke is only RM18 ( if not mistaken ) and we sing from 11am to 3pm. After that, we rushing back and prepare for Vicky Wedding at Cititel.

Honestly, the wedding dinner for Vicky & Jeysen in Cititel is one of the most special wedding dinner I have ever attended. There is party end around 11.30 pm. Actually it really like a party than an usual wedding dinner as we dance and mix around.

All the Kuantan folks which attend the dinner do chat and dance together even we not really not each others. Hehehe - Kuantan people are friendly......This kind of occasion is the only way to gather all the people together.

Personally I do enjoy the night ........

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