Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Present Shopping

Christmas is around the corner and I will have a Christmas Ex-Change Celebration on this coming wednesday. Hmmm - actually it is really hard to get a Christmas Present as the budget is limited. Hehe.....

Besides planning to get a Christmas Present my main task is accompany my friend to get a Christmas Gift to my friend and my task is giving idea and "kepoh" what he will buy since I have send the gift last month. Anyway, we manage to get a nice purse for her which is expensive. I am thinking where is my Christmas Gift and probably because I never get him one so he will never get me one. Hehehe - but at the end I get a small bear since he said my friend have one then he also get one for me. He claim that if he never get one for me sure I will make his life miserable later. What you think?  Actually I agree as I will make noise maybe because we are so close like family. Hehehe.

Since we in the mall, I manage to take my watch for repair and luckly it is still in warranty period. Then we go and meet his friends ......continue shopping and shopping. This year, I manage to get advance Christmas Present from my family and friends.I not planning to return any of the Christmas Present due to constraint.......hehehe. I plan to make so hand-made stuff but look like I am lazy and my work is start to overload due to year end...........

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