Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Trip to Malacca (Part 1)

Last few months, we are planning for a family trip to Malacca since our beloved mother never been to Malacca. This is the first family trip which i think is well planned among us. All of us are required to take leave for the entire week from 21 Dec to 25 Dec.

I am in charge on booking a hotel. Let's guess which hotel I a booking with the photo below:

Yes, it is Grand Continental Malacca. I book 2 room for 3 days 2 night include 4 breakfast which cost me total of RM 650. The swimming pool and gym is not really user friendly. Anyway, we are not spending most of our time in hotel except sleeping so it will be fine for us.

This is the award given by our government to "Grand Continental Hotel" but personally there are lots area of improvement for the hotel.

We depart from Klang around 10.30am to fetch my brother which is Putrajaya. Then we have a quick breakfast before heading to Malacca. My brother in law will become the driver for the whole trip. We reach Malacca about 2pm and all of us take a short nap before searching for food around 4.30pm.

Since this is free and easy trip, our main objective is relax and no rushing for anything. The first destination of food is Chicken rice ball. We eat near the Jonker Street and my rating for the chicken rice is average only. Anyway, the interior design of the shop is excellent.

Chicken Rice

Interior Design of the Chicken Rice shop

Inside the shop

Elynn, Nick, Angel & Mum


Family photo

After the late lunch we decide to walk around the Jonker street. There is a exhibition of medieval instruments of punishment. Besides that, if you lazy to walk you can use Trishaw services which will cost you RM 40.

After the walk, all of us feel hungry again. We decide to get some dessert at the Jonker street.

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