Thursday, December 31, 2009

Family Trip to Malacca (Part 2)

The next day, we went to the A famosa (Animal World Safari). A famosa is locate in the Alor Gajah just off the North-South Expressway. One of my advice to all my friends is remember to be there early in the morning. This is important to not "MISS" out any show in Animal World Safari.

The ticket is RM48 for adult which include the lunch at local food court. There are few selection of local food avaiable such as Curry Rice and Chicken Rice with a can of water.

We do observe savannah animals from the safety of safari trucks and explore the magic of wildlife habitats such as Leopard, Lion , Ostrich, Deer and Tiger. My mum do try animal-rides such as Elephant and Camel which cost RM 6 per person for each rides. Besides that, we also go to the Monkey Island.

Monkey Island

Wild Wild West Show

Angel and Mum ride the camel

Elynn and  Mum ride the Elephant

Show which avaiable at Safari Animal World:
    • Elephant Show          10.15am & 4.30pm
    • Multi Animal Show    11.20am & 3.00pm
    • Bird Show                 12.00pm & 3.45pm
    • Wild Wild West  Show   2.15pm
We manage to see all the show since we reach the Safari around 10 am. Besides that, the show is really enjoying especially the Wild Wild West Show.

About 4pm, we plan to go back to town and get some food to fill in our stomach. We go back to Jonker Street and eat at store 66 which is famous for the Baba Laksa and Dessert. Anyway, when we reach the store about 5.30pm the Baba Laksa already out of stock.

Since we do feel hungry after the dessert so we go and eat Satay Celup. We reach at 6pm and there is lots of people and honestly this is the first time I try satay celup. My advice is alwalys make sure you are the first to reach the store and try the Satay Celup due to hygiene purpose.

Satay Celup Restaurant

WE also went to Portugese Settlement where this place is nice with lots of Christmas Decoration. Some of the house is open for public to take photo.

After that, we go to Eye of Malaysia which is located in town.Since the last round for is 11.00pm, we not manage to get the last trip so we just took picture of the eye of Malaysia.

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