Thursday, December 3, 2009

Love = Sacrifice

Actually I really salute some of my friends as you all just shows the true meaning of love. True love really means that you just wish to see him/her happy.....that is more than enough for everything.

You love silently,
You care as friend,
You be there when he/she need you,
You don't care as you she/he treat you as back-up.
You just simply wish to see him/her happy in the life.

Best of luck......


  1. tat's wat love is lorr....
    but horr d 4th statement like not so gd worr..treatin someone as back up.
    wlove is blind as ppl said...keke

  2. I also think that...but sometimes what can we advice leh....Love is so "wei ta" until people don't mind to be back-up.