Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrap Up 2009

Time flies really fast and 2010 is just a few hour from now. I think is a time to wrap up 2009 and prepare for the coming 2010 which I believe will be another challenge year.

2009 is a really interesting year for me as there is up and down in my career and personal life as well. In january 2009 I start to writing a blog which I wish to pen down all the interesting stories that happen in my life not matter it is happy or sad as for me it is a part of memory.

Economic crisis which hits the manafacturing lines in begining of year 2009 really make me learn a lots. This experience is really valuable even I not the victim of this round retrenchment. Anyway, it really give me differnet feeling and how actually organization handle this kind of issue. There is a major shutdown for the company for the month of January and February where we required to take unpaid leave to cut down the expenses of the company.

In the year 2009, I also enjoy myself with some short vacation at KL, Langkawi, Ipoh/Taiping, Hatyai , Bukit Merah and Malacca. Besides that, this year is the first time we organise a family trip. I learn that sometimes we need to enjoy ourselves as well.

Enroll in MBA course in July is another action which I have taken. Honestly, I still feel unbelievable that time flies so fast that I have completed my semester 1 even without flying colours. Anyway, this does not matter as my initial objective is to enhance my knowledge ........dreams?

I believe next year will be another challege year for me due to my tight schedule in study and work. Tonight I still have class. Anyway, do have a wonderful celebration  and last for not least


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  1. Hmmnnn~~ how come no mention of the additional of extended family members?