Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life suck !!!!!

This few days I just feel everything not in a right position......and this make me feel really really tired!!!!! Work and study give me the same frustration.

Sometimes I not sure is that my expectation is high.......... Honestly, everyday I wake-up in the morning I will try to motivate myself and I not sure whether this will work or not.....but at least is still push me to go work and class.

I think I am lost somewhere and now I feel that I actually is floating in the middle of the sea alone and feel helpless. I really hope I will not drown in the middle of the sea.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Negative thought .......haunting me

Actually, I hate this kind of feeling that negative thought is keep coming and haunting me. Today I really not happy and de-motivate to work at all. Sometimes I just can't really find job satisfaction in my work.Honestly, I am the kind of person that need job satisfaction ....I need to have the excitment and enjoyment when completed the task or look forward for any interesting task.

Hmmmm.....sometimes I think study is not really an excuse for me to change/take up more challenging task as lots of my coursemate is doing well in their work as well. I feel that I start to have some kind of strange feeling which is pushing me.

Sometimes, I will try to be rational that I need the job and just work and perform well. I know that I cannot be emotional especially in making decision but sometimes when the negative keep haunting will keep asking yourself silly question.

Cancel credit card

I have canceled 2 of  my credit card and now I just left one for emergency and personal usage. Actually you just need to fill in the form and give them the credit card. That's all.

Then, I try to finish up my quiz via online as the due date for the submission is on 28th Jan. Honestly, I do think the quiz is tough and I not really score for the high mark even with the book in front of me. Sigh........

After that, I just feel lazy, lazy and lazy......

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Insect Repellant

Yesterday, I went to Pharmacy to get this repellant. I thought of using it last night but the smell really terrible and I just put it in my room. ( Gosh, without open the cap I can smell the repellant)

Why I buy this??? Actually this few nights there is a "green colour insect" in my room which is attracted by light.....and this stupid little monster do bite me!!!!! Oh gosh, it is pain and make me not really can sleep.

Anyway, when I see this "little monster" it reminds me on all those day in UUM. Last time, UUM have lots of this kind of insect as well.

Apple Crystal Pendant

This is one of my favourite pendant giving by my beloved sister and last week I have fall down and the pendant break. Haiz.......

Monday, January 18, 2010

What happen to me ????

I just feel lazy and no mood to complete my work. I really hate to have this kind of feeling......feel lazy and just feel doing nothing.

My brain is stuck!!!!! Actually I need to submit my report tomorrow and now I still never think of want to do it....Urrrghhhhhhh

I just feel tired and hope that someone can help me to complete it......Hahaha. of the year????

Unbelievable......I had watched AVATAR 2D and 3D last week. Honestly, I watch this movie because lots of my friend said this is the best movie of the year and I should not miss this out. Actually, I really like the message of this movie.

I think you can visit Tekkaus blog for more review.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Age of Stupid event -------- Well done !!!!!

Is 12.32am when I am writing this blog and later 9am I will have class. Anyway, since I still not feel sleepy let me blog on the event.

The event took place at Dewan Budaya and was attended about 400 people. Personally, I do think this is great as I never think that "Penang" people are so supportive. The event run smoothly and I am happy to be the team as well even I don't think I do contribute in the event compare to other.

Honestly, I do think Chee Howe should get the credit as I know he really work hard for the event.Hmmmm - congratulation and take a good rest ya!!!!! Actually all of this remind me on those sweet memory in organizing activities during uni/secondary school. Hahaha.

Oh ya....another great news is we will in PRESS!!! Wahahahaha - I like a small children......even this is not the first time on press/tv. So remember to check this out and find is that  "Angel" there.........

I think is time for me to take a rest...good night.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am back ...join a society

Angel is joining a society......Hahaha. Honestly, it has been so long I never been active in any club after my uni life. Actually I do feel more energetic when join all those young people in organizing activitives.

Yesterday, I received a call from C.H ask me to attend the meeting for the Graduate Business Club as they need people to help in organize the event of "The Age of Stupid" screening. Year 2010 should be a good start for me , so I decide to join them ........ even I not really contribute a lots.

I do feel tired but I think that is not the excuses for me NOT to join this as the objective of this event is "Save the World"...Hahaha. To show that I really contribute in the club, please find the information as below:

Venue: Dewan Budaya USM
Time: 7pm

"This event will be published WITHOUT printing any banners,posters, or flyers with the objective to align of a more sustainable tomorrow"

Happy Birthday Magnild World

Today is Magnild World 1st Anniversary. Wow....really unbelievable!!!

Actually, I do receive some comment regarding on Magnild World where they request more picture...Hmmmm, I will try my best to post more picture on the blog.

Any comment or improvement idea are welcome........

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

What is your resolutions for this year? I think each time during new year we will have a few resolutions but how many actually we have accomplish.......

I hope 2010 will be a better year for everyone.Here is the list of resolutions which I can think of for 2010
  • Work Hard and Study Smart.
  • Spend more time with family and friends.
  • Be optimistic about relationship.
  • Build-up self confident
  • Upgrade my skills especially in work related, IT and cooking.
Besides that, I hope I will learn to appreciate each day in my life :)