Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Age of Stupid event -------- Well done !!!!!

Is 12.32am when I am writing this blog and later 9am I will have class. Anyway, since I still not feel sleepy let me blog on the event.

The event took place at Dewan Budaya and was attended about 400 people. Personally, I do think this is great as I never think that "Penang" people are so supportive. The event run smoothly and I am happy to be the team as well even I don't think I do contribute in the event compare to other.

Honestly, I do think Chee Howe should get the credit as I know he really work hard for the event.Hmmmm - congratulation and take a good rest ya!!!!! Actually all of this remind me on those sweet memory in organizing activities during uni/secondary school. Hahaha.

Oh ya....another great news is we will in PRESS!!! Wahahahaha - I like a small children......even this is not the first time on press/tv. So remember to check this out and find is that  "Angel" there.........

I think is time for me to take a rest...good night.

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