Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cancel credit card

I have canceled 2 of  my credit card and now I just left one for emergency and personal usage. Actually you just need to fill in the form and give them the credit card. That's all.

Then, I try to finish up my quiz via online as the due date for the submission is on 28th Jan. Honestly, I do think the quiz is tough and I not really score for the high mark even with the book in front of me. Sigh........

After that, I just feel lazy, lazy and lazy......


  1. all banks allow you to use your points to "pay" the service tax. the catch is they need 10k points. in other words, you need to use MYR10k p.a. to "pay" the government tax... duh~~

  2. I know regarding this but there is no point for me keep so many card. So better I accumulate the point to 1 cards rather than 3. Besides that, impossible for me to spend to MYR 30K p.a.....