Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am back ...join a society

Angel is joining a society......Hahaha. Honestly, it has been so long I never been active in any club after my uni life. Actually I do feel more energetic when join all those young people in organizing activitives.

Yesterday, I received a call from C.H ask me to attend the meeting for the Graduate Business Club as they need people to help in organize the event of "The Age of Stupid" screening. Year 2010 should be a good start for me , so I decide to join them ........ even I not really contribute a lots.

I do feel tired but I think that is not the excuses for me NOT to join this as the objective of this event is "Save the World"...Hahaha. To show that I really contribute in the club, please find the information as below:

Venue: Dewan Budaya USM
Time: 7pm

"This event will be published WITHOUT printing any banners,posters, or flyers with the objective to align of a more sustainable tomorrow"

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