Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life suck !!!!!

This few days I just feel everything not in a right position......and this make me feel really really tired!!!!! Work and study give me the same frustration.

Sometimes I not sure is that my expectation is high.......... Honestly, everyday I wake-up in the morning I will try to motivate myself and I not sure whether this will work or not.....but at least is still push me to go work and class.

I think I am lost somewhere and now I feel that I actually is floating in the middle of the sea alone and feel helpless. I really hope I will not drown in the middle of the sea.


  1. Thanks for the concern...I am fine just sometimes feel hopeless.

    Don't worry I will be ok.....and I will survive even in the middle of the sea as I know my friends is alwalys there for me.

  2. Angel, Touch wood say we duno when is our last day, So think properly what you really want, dun waste the time and enjoy your everyday~ dun make yourself regret even though you have to go now.. :)

  3. My dearest friend,

    As a reference of experience, it is my opinion about the life.

    Thus, all of us undergo a different pathway of life due to different decision and choice we made. Anyhow, it is a transition of life which a signature of lacking structural planning and highly uncertain.

    However, one of the important aspect in our life is we are growing and the world is changing. In surviving across the timeframe, motivation and self-enthusiative is playing an important role to lead us towards successful future.

    Review our past time, re-stimulate our feeling, and get ready to confrant future challenges mean to our life as human being. Add more values in our life, you may experience differently, my friends.

    If you feel hopeless in your work and study, please do not hesitate to contact me. As a friend, you are greatly welcome to share with me. Lastly, "gambateh kudasai, onegaishimasu!!!".

    From your concerned friend - Jonathan Oon.

  4. Thanks Jonathan for the advice.....actually I am ok just last week I feel bad but after a while it is fine.

    When we getting more experience especially in working, we cannot simply express our dissatisfaction like our school days.So that's why sometimes we need to control the emotion and find a good channel to express.

    Anyway, I really feel surprise to read your comment. Don't worry "ANGEL" is ok :)

    Thanks for the message. (Appreciate)