Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year and have a wonderful celebration. I will going back to my hometown this FRIDAY and really looking forward to 12 Feb.

What is on my mind now? Actually now I am thinking of uncle HAWK.......a someone which so called my "God" father. Last time, I will alwalys get "Ang Pao" from him even I do not have time to visit him. Actually, I have no idea why suddenly I miss him as it have been few years we never meet as I have no idea where he is going and what happen to him .......I hope he is doing fine.

People who just pass by in my life also do give me some memory  in my life. I do remember where I am able to get "Ang Pao" from one of the Singaporean Ang Moh ( my dad customer). He is the one who give me the "Ang Pao" after few months of the celebration. He claims that during CNY he not in Malaysian so just pass to me after CNY by wishing me do well in my life. Hahaha...........this is one of the best memory.

Honestly, how much the "Ang Pao" $$$ contain is not the most important .For me, the blessing given sincerly by each of them is more important.

Anyway, I still looking forward for the $$$$ in this year "Ang Pao".......wakakaka.

Happy Woo-Hoo year .....


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you! May you have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead!