Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another birthday......

I wish to thank everyone for their blessing as your blessing really means lots to me. I promise that I will take care of myself and live life to the fullest. (Hopefully I really can...)

I believe this year is another challenging year for me this is because I am still searching for something which can move me forward in my life. I not sure what is that but I know I need it to move forward to better life.

Honestly, nothing has been change during past one year in term of my skills and development. When this happen, some devil in my mind will always push me…….

I wish “ANGEL” will always be with me to go through all the obstacle and challenger in this year.

P/S: Thank you for the wishes, sms, presents.

I appreciate your kindness
More than words can say;
The very nice thing you did for me
Really made my day!


Angel Yeong


  1. happy bufday to you....!
    wish you all the best in ur future! be strong, and u'll success.


  2. Hapi birthday angel!!Wish all your dreams come true!