Monday, March 1, 2010

Chinese New Year celebration

I feel lazy and it have been sometimes I never update my blog. This year I have been in hometown for  about 1 week for the Chinese New Year celebration. For me, CNY is a time for resting and gathering between ,family and friends.

This year is like a previous year which is gathering and gathering. The group have become smaller and smaller for the gathering - because there is some of them not able to back hometown this year. This year we also have a pillow talk which the venue have change to Rachel home. Honestly, during this time we will express ourselves ( working, relationship, life, politic......etc).

Chatting with your all alwalys make me feel good as we no need to pretend in front of each other - this is what a real a true friends means. ( Even you are far away but surely you all the one is the list - Esther )

Friendship Forever.....

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