Saturday, March 6, 2010

How I celebrate my birthday???

Actually, most of my friends is asking me how I celebrate my birthday this year. Hmmm - there is no a big celebration for me and I never taste a cake during this special day as well. It have been few years I never blow candle during this special day.

I guess when you get older people you will receive less present ....but there is lots of lunch/dinner. So during this day, I just eat eat and eat - gain weight. In the morning, I have a Nasi Lemak and for lunch I have Haagen-Dazs ice-cream at Queenbay. ( I never snap photo of the ice-cream ).

At night, I am having dinner at Tambun with my housemate. After dinner, we have Swensens. Ice-cream again....hahaha. That the end of the celebration........

Oh ya....I receive a present from my best friend in Penang as well......and another present is I received during CNY.

Honestly,when you think back is just a "DAY" ..........A day  you can recall how many people still remember you? with how many sms,telephone,facebook message you received. ( Hahahaha - is that true??? )


  1. walaueh.. at least u can get to eat some seafood at tambun.. like you say.. nw everything we wish will be good health n good luck(for work n wealth) .. take care n next time i go bc msia (dunno when) we celebrate all the belated n coming birthday...

    ah pao
    ps: got bf bo..??

  2. still avaiable.How about you?????Hahahaha - I miss the flower as birthday present.

  3. angel, you dined in Bukit Tambun seafood? very near to my mom's house anyway...

    halim mad lazim