Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is what I do......late at night

Last saturday, I should be study ...but at the end I am thinking of snap photo of myself.

I feel stupid doing this but sometimes when you are boring this can be a form of entertainment. Hahaha.

At 10.00pm....home alone and prepare myself to study

Half-way of study.....Hahaha ( My eyes look tired)

Is time for bed.....u see my panda eye....

Even I do study on last minute, but I still do not do well in the exam...Hahaha. Lesson to be learn.....must be prepare earlier don't be like me....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Home sweet home (9 April - 11 April)

Actually it have been my tradition to go back home before exam....hehehe. This is because I want to have the feeling being pampered by my mummy and my friends. I really feel relax and home can have more time in Kuantan as I miss the food, beach, jogging track and etc.......

I manage to have a good chats with some of my friends and I am really happy when I see all of them are doing GREAT!!! Honestly, I can feel that some of them have change. I wish I can have more time.

Oh ya...I want to tell you an interesting story which I think is funny and make me feel stupid. Please see below conversation which happen in the ticket counter:

Angel : Bus number, please?
Clerk: Adik, bus rosak. Hari ini tak ada bus balik Kuantan? Esok baru ada......
Angel: Betul, ke?
Cleerk: Betul, adik. So you nak refund tak? atau you nak tukar ticket pergi KL.
Angel: Refund? Tukar ticket pergi KL? Kalau bus pukul 10pm I smapai KL pukul 2am? Mana ada bus?
Clerk: Adik, sorry lar. Betul bas rosak.
Angel: Hmmmm........I am thinking what should I do. ( My face damn worry and no mood )
Clerk: Adik.....(he laugh). Bus ada kat bawa lar. Saje gurau.

I really feel stupid and some of the people who stand besides and behind me also laugh on me (they manage to catch the conversation). On that moment, I really feel dissapointed as I can't get back on Friday but when I know he is lying to me..I scold him. Anyway, I feel ok as life is just for fun.

Updated version : It's really disappointed .....spechless!!

If not mistaken on April,5th I do post a blog regarding how I dissapointed me with my company and my job scope. Today, I wish to update that I already change my job scope....hehehe ( I not sure why this suddenly happen after I posting a blog on this......hmmmm kinda worry that some of the manager is reading my blog ).

I am taking up a new roles and honestly I feel excited but on the same time I am worry on myself. This is totally a new things for me as I need to come out with proper plan and strategies to achieve it. I think most of the company concern sure is on cost saving and proper process flow. I enjoy doing this new work but I need to admit that I lack of skills.

Anyway, I alwalys believe we will adapt and learn faster when we have limited resources and time. Hahaha - I hope I can be the "Hardiness" type of personality. I really apply what I learn in OB class in my working.

I will update more as many interesting things do happen to me last few week but I only manage to post it now because I just manage to get some times especially after my exam. I will have 2 weeks break and I hope I can post more.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Emotion swings.......

Yesterday, when I on my way back to PENANG by bus....There is lots of question appear in my mind. I am asking myself "Am I a filial daugher?". Actually sometimes I really feel useless as already work for 4 years but still not afford to provide a better living style for my mum. Besides that, I also not alwalys by her side and what is the more worst is she will alwalys worry on us.

I know "MUM" is the one who will alwalys worry on us no matter how old are you......I not sure whether you agree with this statement or not.

I belive many people will  said there is alwalys choices and option will I can consider which is :
  1. Bring my mum to stay with me?
  2. Go back and find a job?
Actually, I do agree with the first option but I still need to work very hard to achieve it. Hmmmm - life is not alwaly perfect but I will not blame it because it is my destiny.....

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's really disappointed .....spechless!!

I really try very hard to motivate myself and keep giving thousand of excuse that my company is doing better from time to time. Honestly, I really cannot see any future development for myself and I really feel that I have no improvement since I join in this company.

I even worry my skills will be deteriorate because I have doing a non-value added activities ( I guess). Due to worry on this I keep myself update with the current market news in electronic and business. Actually, I just wonder is that the time to move??? or I should wait for next year???

I guess I am feeling better after writing the blog. Hmmm - let's pray for a better tomorrow.