Sunday, April 11, 2010

Emotion swings.......

Yesterday, when I on my way back to PENANG by bus....There is lots of question appear in my mind. I am asking myself "Am I a filial daugher?". Actually sometimes I really feel useless as already work for 4 years but still not afford to provide a better living style for my mum. Besides that, I also not alwalys by her side and what is the more worst is she will alwalys worry on us.

I know "MUM" is the one who will alwalys worry on us no matter how old are you......I not sure whether you agree with this statement or not.

I belive many people will  said there is alwalys choices and option will I can consider which is :
  1. Bring my mum to stay with me?
  2. Go back and find a job?
Actually, I do agree with the first option but I still need to work very hard to achieve it. Hmmmm - life is not alwaly perfect but I will not blame it because it is my destiny.....


  1. totally agree with u. MUM always worried coz for her we are always be her baby. ok, not we. u. hehehe!

    Anyway, option #1 looks like ok if your mum agree to move. not like my parents who want to stay at kampong no matter what. have u talk to her bout this?

    life is not perfect and that's why i enjoyed it.

  2. Did : Actually my MUM also not ready to move now....U knw lar, dah lama stay at Kuantan.

    Good that enjoy your life but sometimes I will when I cannot think of soluation I intend to blame the faith. Hahaha.

  3. remember ur quotes in the blog header image? "Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice..", surely you will be able to find a solution :)

  4. Sometimes it is easy to said...I hope I will find the solution soon.