Monday, April 26, 2010

Home sweet home (9 April - 11 April)

Actually it have been my tradition to go back home before exam....hehehe. This is because I want to have the feeling being pampered by my mummy and my friends. I really feel relax and home can have more time in Kuantan as I miss the food, beach, jogging track and etc.......

I manage to have a good chats with some of my friends and I am really happy when I see all of them are doing GREAT!!! Honestly, I can feel that some of them have change. I wish I can have more time.

Oh ya...I want to tell you an interesting story which I think is funny and make me feel stupid. Please see below conversation which happen in the ticket counter:

Angel : Bus number, please?
Clerk: Adik, bus rosak. Hari ini tak ada bus balik Kuantan? Esok baru ada......
Angel: Betul, ke?
Cleerk: Betul, adik. So you nak refund tak? atau you nak tukar ticket pergi KL.
Angel: Refund? Tukar ticket pergi KL? Kalau bus pukul 10pm I smapai KL pukul 2am? Mana ada bus?
Clerk: Adik, sorry lar. Betul bas rosak.
Angel: Hmmmm........I am thinking what should I do. ( My face damn worry and no mood )
Clerk: Adik.....(he laugh). Bus ada kat bawa lar. Saje gurau.

I really feel stupid and some of the people who stand besides and behind me also laugh on me (they manage to catch the conversation). On that moment, I really feel dissapointed as I can't get back on Friday but when I know he is lying to me..I scold him. Anyway, I feel ok as life is just for fun.


  1. haha.. whack him!! tell u u dun wanna take d bus n wan refund ;)
    just enjoy ur live dear, even if the "joke"a bit pathetic.. but then, be comforted that u make some people's life happier that say

  2. poor yyn. I will be so worried too cz have been looking forward to the bus trip home. it's alright, at least u amuse some ppl just like what pct said.

  3. Elanor : I really want to whack him.....but anyone he do make me laugh and on that moment I really dissapointed. Hehehe.

    Rachel: I think u sure understand my feeling as we are on the same boat!!!