Monday, April 5, 2010

It's really disappointed .....spechless!!

I really try very hard to motivate myself and keep giving thousand of excuse that my company is doing better from time to time. Honestly, I really cannot see any future development for myself and I really feel that I have no improvement since I join in this company.

I even worry my skills will be deteriorate because I have doing a non-value added activities ( I guess). Due to worry on this I keep myself update with the current market news in electronic and business. Actually, I just wonder is that the time to move??? or I should wait for next year???

I guess I am feeling better after writing the blog. Hmmm - let's pray for a better tomorrow.


  1. i know how u feel. so frustrated n stress...but u'll get ur chance. juz wait for ur turn. chill ya!

  2. Did : I should change the term "I" to "WE" really frustrated.......sometimes I not sure what is the policy of the company.

    Marina: Hmmmm - I do feel really geram and honestly why the reason's because so many "suck" people there which i think include me as I still never leave. What u think?

  3. demotivate?? patient k....and try to grab as many opportunity as u can! wish u luck!
    (i think i've been telling u this since past 1 i rite? hehehehe...)

  4. i can understand on the reason u stay back.. Age is climbing up, so do our brain capabality to absorb new things.. now u are still young.. why not venture further..although the pay might not be good, workload might increase.. but at least u like what u do.. u enjoy.. life is short sis!! filled them with good memories.~~

  5. Marina : It's alwalys easy to venture out there....but there is still many rish which I need to consider. Sometimes I just worry that I too emotional to make the next move.

    Mira: Actually I also feel tired and boring as each time keep complaining about my company but "I" still working in the same place. I know we need to be patient as we are still studying. I think you get my meaning.