Monday, April 26, 2010

Updated version : It's really disappointed .....spechless!!

If not mistaken on April,5th I do post a blog regarding how I dissapointed me with my company and my job scope. Today, I wish to update that I already change my job scope....hehehe ( I not sure why this suddenly happen after I posting a blog on this......hmmmm kinda worry that some of the manager is reading my blog ).

I am taking up a new roles and honestly I feel excited but on the same time I am worry on myself. This is totally a new things for me as I need to come out with proper plan and strategies to achieve it. I think most of the company concern sure is on cost saving and proper process flow. I enjoy doing this new work but I need to admit that I lack of skills.

Anyway, I alwalys believe we will adapt and learn faster when we have limited resources and time. Hahaha - I hope I can be the "Hardiness" type of personality. I really apply what I learn in OB class in my working.

I will update more as many interesting things do happen to me last few week but I only manage to post it now because I just manage to get some times especially after my exam. I will have 2 weeks break and I hope I can post more.

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