Monday, June 28, 2010

Digi Live Tour (Audition)

Last Sunday, I and Rachel went to Bukit Jambul complex to buy some DVD. Initially, we should just drop by a while but since there is an audition so we decide to watch the audition.

This is GREAT…….Seriously. Now, I only realize actually Penang still have lots of talented people especially all the youngster. All the contestant are student as they represent the schools. If not mistaken, the champion will take back cash RM3000 and the school will be awarded another RM3000 as well.

There are 4 judges and I only manage to know Baki Zainal. Actually who is Baki Zainal ?? He is the 8TV Step Forward Host and actor (very talented people and speak fluent mandarin). He is so real and straight forward in giving comment. Sometimes the comment might be negative but do take it positively.

Below is my personal comment and view on the performance. I rate according to my taste and enjoyment level during that time.

Group 1: Singing the song “Never had a dream come true” by S club 7 if I not mistaken. I think they was nervous and the performance is “so …so….” Only.

*Do you know who is both the EMCEE ? I see them before in TV but no idea on their sorry *

Group 2 : Dancing. Hmmm – this group have too many people and the stage and nothing so special about it. Just all of them is “HOT” as is pretty.

Group 3: Drama and Singing. Actually their performance is “OK” just removing the sketch as very boring and long. The girl which have short curly hair really good in dancing. Honestly, even she is the fattest in the group but her dance skills are the excellent.

Group 4: Dancing and is “OK”. I dislike the guy with the spec...he thinks he is "cool".....

Group 5: This group is sweet. They dance “nobody nobody but you”……….The pink colour shirt girl is really cute.

Group 6 : OMG …this is represent the school. Please have a close look on their attire. This is too “sexy” and not appropriate for their age and competition as well. Nora (one of the judges) do give comment on their attire. “If you want to be sexy it is not necessary for you to wear like this”…….

Group 7: Dancing. This is from SMK Bukit Jambul representative. The 2 guys is excellent in dancing.

Not well prepare

                                                Baki is giving comment ...he look angry

Group 8 : Dancing. This group is not preparing well and Baki Zainal does give a critic on their attitude. I still can recall what Zaki said ….. “ I take 10 years to become what am I …..we must need to take critic positively and if this is your attitude on our critic then you will not success in this industry.

Group 9:Beat Boxing and Dancing. This is my favorite group and this youngster really talented. I really enjoy the performance very much and he is really very talented.

Group 10: Yoyo….there is rapper which not look like rapper. Hahaha but their performance is good as well. Oh ya…Ehsan (MC) also have a good voice as he sing the chorus part.

Is time to go back as Rachel still need to catch the 5pm flight. Anyway, we do enjoy and have fun with their performance. Keep it up and Good Luck!!!!!


  1. anyway , baki zainal like the group 3 performance and he want to watch them again when he come to give a talk at their school soon .. what i liked the most is when he said , "if im study in the same school with u girls , i want to be one of your friend because u'r very fun people .." hehe ..

  2. wow...looks like u enjoy it.

  3. Oh Oh. I wanna add to Baki's comment on Group 8. This is quoted by him "If you are in Malaysian Idol, Paul Moss is gonna chew you and spit you out!". Love this comment lots.~!