Monday, June 28, 2010

Heritage Walk in Penang

Since I have finished exam last week, this weekend I will be free and Rachel is coming from Brunei. I plan to bring her to Penang Heritage Walk. WE start our day with a great breakfast at Little Angel Café which is located at Love Lane. We really feel surprise as the food is nice and we love it.

The Little Angel Café owner thought we are tourist from Hong Kong and remind us to take good care on our handbag. He does ask us to be extra careful with the motorist. After that, we plan to find a map at a nearby motel or hotel as we have no idea where to start.Even I have been Penang for few years but I never trying to walk around the heritage walk.

Since we cannot find the map, I just tell Rachel we start from the “Gooddess of Mercy Temple”. We take few photos in the temple then we decide to follow the tour guide since there is lots of tourist around. Hehehe…..

Below are some of the photo which we snap:

Barber shop

No idea who is her

I like this photo

Photographer was snapping a photo.

"Kuil Sri Mahamariamman"

Angel at "Tokong Yap Kongsi"

The Chocolate Boutique

Let's Angel tell you a trick.....if you feel thirsty and hungry remember to drop by this Chocolate Boutique. We are given lots of chocolate to taste and mocho drink as well. Honestly, the product is excellent but the price is costly. So we never buy anything from this chocolate boutique.

We plan to visit this place again next time as we still not manage to finish visit all the tourist spot. We really feel extremely tired but we are happy to manage snap lots of photo.

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