Thursday, June 24, 2010

TEAMBUILDING (Tanjung Bungah)

On 14th June 2010, I have attended a team building program at Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel. This training is conducted by Ms Christine Vaz which is friendly and pretty.

This is the first team-building for me in this company…hehehe. (at last after nearly 2 years). I do enjoy myself with all the activities and meeting lots of great people in the organization.

Where is Angel???

This is how we look like when performing the "Haka Dance" at the lobby of the hotel. Anyway, I feel funny and on the same timedo feel enjoy. When we perform in group and try to be creative with the attire....what people think about us (there is lots of people in the lobby) we not really care. Hahahaha...........

Thanks for the great memory ........

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