Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UPSR and PMR examinations scrapped?

Below is the poll results which I print screen from thestar Online. Actually my vote for this is NO….as I go through the UPSR and PMR.

Sometimes, I just wonder why after so long only there is a request to scrap these exams. The reason to abolished UPSR and PMR because it was seen to be so examination oriented and failed to provide a holistic education. If this is true, I think what we need to do is identify the root-cause why we fail.

Honestly, nobody like examination. I always hope there is no examination as exam just makes me feel so stress but I do think we can improve the style of UPSR and PMR instead just scarp it.

Besides that, we should educate the mindset of the parents as some parents really putting to much pressure to their children. Comprehensive study need to be done on how to produce knowledgeable and skilled student in this competitive environment.


  1. I'll vote for yes! hehehe....
    being in education industry for 1 year++ make me realize something, though i feel not fair as previously we had to gone through all the examinations. For the best future, it shall be scrapped!
    But seems NO getting more vote than YES :((

  2.'s not easy to justify. The examination is a tool to measure the student's performance. They have benchmark to achieve in certain level. If we want to be not too examination orientation, we should have something with strong measurement to ensure student still keep it up in their study.