Wednesday, July 21, 2010

International Students

One of my uni-mate is from Pakistan. Actually we attended the same course last semester and we are in the same group assignment. Honestly, last time my group really thinks he is a burden for us as he cannot converse well in English (I sincerely apologize for my bad first impression). We do all the presentation and assignment and just add him name when submitted.

Yesterday, I bump into him again and we have a chat while waiting for my friend to arrive. He do tell me a story on himself and now I feel impress on the way he adapt the culture here. Actually he only learn English when he enroll in the foundation English course in USM as he really hate English last time in Pakistan. He really improves lots after few months in USM.

In Pakistan, he speaks only Arabic language and all the education materials are teach in Arabic language. He said he really feel scared when he comes to Malaysia as that time he cannot converse well in English. He only manages to know which classes he enrolls when see his name appear in the list.

Each time he attend classes in USM, he really don’t understand what the lecturer is discussing. He only does his revision when he back to his hostel by translates each word to Arabic language. Sometimes he even just memorized especially during exam.

Besides that, now only I realize not every time we can enter to Pakistan as the border will be close sometimes for several years. So, each of them which already come out from Pakistan seldom back to home country as they may face the risk unable to get out once the border is close. Anyhow, I just feel curious on their economy stability. This is because majority of the international student is full-time and they are finance 100% by their family. The fees are not cheap but I see most of them never really have financial problem.

Thanks for sharing and this indirectly changes my perspective towards them.

Dancing Class

Why I agree to perform during the dinner?

Tired……..most frequent words come out from my mouth this few weeks. I have been practice the “Salsa Dance” nearly every day past 2 weeks. Salsa needs lots of hip and body movement. I really not talented in dancing as I can feel that my movement is not smooth compare to my friends. The dinner will be in 4th August and I just have less than 2 weeks to improve my movements and steps.

Anyway, I do enjoy myself during the practice because of all the great people in the Salsa team. I am sure this will be one of my sweet memories in USM.

Below are some of the pictures during the training process:

Chocolate Drink

Get this “Dark Chocolate Sensation” from Rachel last month. Personally I prefer this than Cadbury’s Instant Hot Chocolate. There are 8 sachets of “Dark Chocolate Sensation” in the box.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My dinner : Sashimi Octopus

Hahahaha......I have this octopus sashimi at Station One.The waiter laugh at me when I order this dishes!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


E-gate has Pappa Rich …..If not mistaken this is the first PappaRich restaurant in Penang area. The concept of food is similar with Old Town but the selection of food is more as there have vegetarian “pau”. Besides that, PappaRich have wide selection of beverages.

I like the place as I feel it is more comfortable compare to Old Town. Here is the photo of the food which we ate yesterday:

Overall: The food is OK !!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Aquaria KLCC

On 2 July, I and my friend have decided went to Aquaria KLCC. My advice for the student, remember to bring your student ID card to get cheaper rate. Student price will be RM30 per entry .

We reach about 10am, so we start camwhoring around the KLCC area while waiting the Aquaria to start operating.  From KLCC we need to walk to convention center.Let’s start with the opening photo of the day:

Below is the view from KLCC convention center:

What the main attraction of Aquaria?
Aquaria KLCC’s main attraction is the 90-metre under-sea tunnel where visitors can enjoy immersed experience of the rich marine life featured in the vast acrylic oceanarium. There is more than 300+ species if ocean ambassadors and 5000+ live exhibits.

Aquaria operation hour: 11am to 8pm daily. So please remember to plan your trip as this will ensure you will not miss any of the feeding session.

Feeding Session:

Daily 11:00am – 1:00pm (upper Floor)
• DNA Touch Pool (Bamboo Shark)
• Electronic Zone (Electric Eel)
• Jewels of the Jungle (Variety of animals)

4:00pm (Upper Floor)
• Piranha Tank (Piranhas)

11:00am – 12:00pm (Lower Floor)
• The Deep Forest (Turtle)
• The Coast (Variety of animals)
• The Living Reef (Variety of animals)
• Weird & Wonderful (Variety of animals)

12:00pm & 3:00pm (Lower Floor)
• Aquatheatre (Variety of fishes)

4:00pm (Lower Floor)
• The Coast (Variety of fishes)

Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

2:30pm (Lower Floor)
• Flooded Forest (Arapaima feeding)

3:00pm (Lower Floor)
• Aquatheatre (Shark Feeding)

This is real shark!!


I have no idea why there is a firework…….any special celebration at Kuantan on 3 July. When I heard of the noise I just grab my camera and snap photo of firework from my home.

On that time, it is heavy rain and the firework last about 15 minutes. Just wonder, who the VVIP for this celebration……

Gathering in KL (Brazil vs Holland)

The time is limited anyway I do enjoy the short gathering in KL. I manage to meet up some of my old friends (Hahahaha – old !!!! ) As we know each other more than 5 years.

We gathering and on the same time we watch the football. Since we have 2 team of supporter in my group so either one of the team wins the bills will on them. On first half, we had our dinner at Kopitiam 32 and second half we change location to 69 Café.

Siang Boon & Kim Thing Belated wedding dinner

Last week, I miss out their wedding lunch and 1st July I manage to personally congratulate this new wedding couple. We have our dinner at Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant at SOHO KL. This is my first time to SOHO,KL. This place is nice and really lots of great food restaurant around this area. I hope next time I have more time to taste the food at this area.

                                                Angel with Kim Thing & Siang Boon

Let’s talk about the food at the restaurant. Personally, the food for me is just OK….even there is variety of choices. The quality of food is not up to my expected standard – hehehe (Angel basic standard requirement of food is high). The buffet time for dinner is from 6:00pm to 10:00pm and eat all you can.

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant


Is this real of fake tattoo? This is the first question ask by my mum when I reach home. Guess what my answer is …….

I tell my mum, if this is real tattoo what you will do to me… mum said she don’t want to talk to me anymore. So I tell her, I not sure how long this will last at my body…….hahaha.