Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dancing Class

Why I agree to perform during the dinner?

Tired……..most frequent words come out from my mouth this few weeks. I have been practice the “Salsa Dance” nearly every day past 2 weeks. Salsa needs lots of hip and body movement. I really not talented in dancing as I can feel that my movement is not smooth compare to my friends. The dinner will be in 4th August and I just have less than 2 weeks to improve my movements and steps.

Anyway, I do enjoy myself during the practice because of all the great people in the Salsa team. I am sure this will be one of my sweet memories in USM.

Below are some of the pictures during the training process:


  1. Now i know how you cropped the photo and why his hand is missing :P

  2. omg omg!! what what? u dance?? woww!! why didnt invite me.. wawaw want to shake2 oso..although i am real kayu!!