Wednesday, July 21, 2010

International Students

One of my uni-mate is from Pakistan. Actually we attended the same course last semester and we are in the same group assignment. Honestly, last time my group really thinks he is a burden for us as he cannot converse well in English (I sincerely apologize for my bad first impression). We do all the presentation and assignment and just add him name when submitted.

Yesterday, I bump into him again and we have a chat while waiting for my friend to arrive. He do tell me a story on himself and now I feel impress on the way he adapt the culture here. Actually he only learn English when he enroll in the foundation English course in USM as he really hate English last time in Pakistan. He really improves lots after few months in USM.

In Pakistan, he speaks only Arabic language and all the education materials are teach in Arabic language. He said he really feel scared when he comes to Malaysia as that time he cannot converse well in English. He only manages to know which classes he enrolls when see his name appear in the list.

Each time he attend classes in USM, he really don’t understand what the lecturer is discussing. He only does his revision when he back to his hostel by translates each word to Arabic language. Sometimes he even just memorized especially during exam.

Besides that, now only I realize not every time we can enter to Pakistan as the border will be close sometimes for several years. So, each of them which already come out from Pakistan seldom back to home country as they may face the risk unable to get out once the border is close. Anyhow, I just feel curious on their economy stability. This is because majority of the international student is full-time and they are finance 100% by their family. The fees are not cheap but I see most of them never really have financial problem.

Thanks for sharing and this indirectly changes my perspective towards them.

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  1. wow...
    u should show him the culture of kuantanese after this. hehehe!