Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moody, speechless and lost....... (update version 1)

Just now I have a con-call with my manager and out of surprise this is the only time I not really prepared for the update. I guess this is because I already lost interest and disappointed with the management. Actually the outcome of the meeting already been expected such as “hang on” and “we will work for you”, “you are great” ………etc.

Honestly, during the meeting I really not fight or defend anything as I think this is useless because I always believe if people never appreciate you…then it is the time to move. Anyway, even how you dissatisfy with the decision you need to be calm and act rationally as a good leader need to have these criteria.

Besides that, I really doubt on my capability. From a positive point of view, I know I need to polish up my skills and on negative point of view is the management is unfair and this is not related on my skills at all. Hahahaha………so I think I control my mind and work on positive side as there is still plenty room of improvement.

Since I am normal I do think I have the right to be angry with the management (hahaha – frustrated) ………I know work is not everything in life and there are no rules that I must stay at the company if I am not happy.

Actually when I am tension I like to be alone ……I have no idea why I dislike sharing or I really can’t get someone to share my tension…..I miss my buddy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moody, speechless and lost.......

I feel bad since last Thursday after I have a discussion with one of my manager regarding on my work stuff. I really feel unexpected on the answer given by her. I know management is cruel and I feel bad maybe because I am over confident. Hmmmmm.......

I do post something in my facebook regarding my feeling even I know I should not share it out. Maybe this is the only medium to see is that anyway will concern on me ?? Honestly, sometimes I really feel tired and lost the direction which I want.....I keep telling myself that I am good but now I really doubt on my capability.

Sometimes I even blame "GOD" to be so unfair. I know I should not make any emotional move and need to be rational and calm down. Actually when I feel tension I do talk "crap".........

I have no idea why I can be so moody towards my job and management decision. Why I feel down....... I really dislike to show people that I am so weak. In front of people, I like to pretend to be strong, kind and good?

Monday, August 9, 2010

The story of the Tree, Leaf & Wind!

Last week, one of my friend tell me the story of the Tree, Leaf and Wind. I really find this story meaningful......

Leaf departure is because of Wind pursuit. Or because Tree didn't ask her to stay ?

You may read the story in the this link Tree, Leaf & Wind......I do think this is a sad story and this usually happen in reality where we never really appreciate what we have until we've lost it. Perhaps, when another leaf appears, tree will then this time notice its beautiful colour.

Gua Tempurung

Here I come…….for the exciting tour. We miss some of the adventurous activity due to raining. Anyway, I promise myself that I will go again for the adventurous activities.

I enjoy the crawling part and overall this activity is good. The MBA group is really cool and all of us is tough.

Convocation and GSB Dinner 2010

I have attended my lecturer and senior convocation. Congratulations for all of them and all the best in their future undertaking. Hmmmm….when is my turn? I hope next 2 years I will able to complete the MBA.

UUM Lecturer

Angel & Jacylin

That night, we will have a dinner for the graduate senior. We have been prepared the dinner few weeks ahead and hope everything will turn good. I feel nervous as I will need to perform Salsa dance and sketch which I am the ad-hoc actress. Honestly, this is the first time I really sacrifice my time for the school. It is really tired when we still need to work, attend class and training for the dance.

Anyway, I really enjoy the process of organize this activities even I need to sacrifice most of my time for the practice and preparation. I admit that the dinner is not 100% perfect but I know all of us are trying our best to get this done.

You are just simply “GREAT”!!!

Bypass Surgery

What is bypass surgery? Before this I only this is one type of heart operation. Today, after I think I have a basic understanding on this heart surgery.

Bypass surgery uses blood vessels to go around or “bypass” clogged coronary (heart) arteries. The doctor will take a blood vessel from your chest or from your leg on this operation. The success rate of this surgery is about 95% but sometimes the 5% risk will need to be considering as well.

My friend dad, just go through this surgery and thank god that everything goes well and I hope her dad will be recover soon.

Birthday Celebration for Ruben

Hmmmm…such a long time there is no celebration going on. Friday 24 July is one of my MBA friends birthday and we plan to have a celebration on 00:00 with a small surprise party. I decide to bake a chocolate cake especially for him.

The cake is nice and tasty and the celebration was great.