Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thank You

It has been 2 months I never update my blog. I guess the only excuse is because I am busy. I really wish I can more times and can get a really good rest. Currently I really look forward for the year end especially the festive season.

The title of this blog is “Thank You”. Honestly, I really feel blessed as along my journey of life there is always great people pass along. It doesn’t matter whether you are pass- by, stop-by or walk-along with me……….

What is “FRIENDS”? For me, “FRIENDS” do plays an important role in my life no matter what type of people you are…….as for me all the people are special and great . There are many type of friends such as childhood friends, buddy, good friends, colleague friends, university friends, housemate-friends, hi-by friends, travel friends and …………

For me no matter what type of friends, all of them go give me a good memories as it is faith to be friends. I always believe we must treat friends sincere to enable us to be happy.

In a reality world, many people said friends cannot be trusted as sometimes you may use by them because of your kindness. Hmmmm ……..I know this is true but I do believe the remedy to enjoy the great friendship is just treat everyone good.

I consider myself is a really lucky person as I always get a good friends. During my school/uni times there is some good senior, good sisters and good brothers around and protect me. After we have graduate, how many we are keep in touch? Actually it is only few of them……but for those we are no keep in touches this does not means that you are not important. The memories you all give me will always keep inside my heart.

Today, I really feel that I still have lots of great friends. Thanks for the concern and care especially when I hurt myself last months, sick, stress with homework and work……you all are there to give me moral support and shower me with care. All this really means lots of me…………

THANK YOU ……………..I really appreciate!!!!

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